B5 Scene Worth a Look!

B5 Scene Worth a Look!


Spacedock returns to Babylon 5 for a look at the iconic Omega Class Destroyer.


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Battlezone II Music by Carey Chico

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Babylon 5 Data Crystals Become Real Tech

Babylon 5 Data Crystals Become Real Tech

These first generation data crystals are made of two thin disks of industrial grade sapphire, approximately 8 inches in diameter. They cost an estimated $30,000 and can store 40,000 pages of data. They are being developed as a very long term (“a million...
Babylon 5 To Be Rescued from Studio Limbo?

Babylon 5 To Be Rescued from Studio Limbo?

For years Babylon 5 has been in this incredibly frustrating limbo with Warner Brothers. Every other year there seems to be some rumor the studio wants to make a movie, or (gag) reboot the series. Maybe, once and for all, that will end. At the Star Trek Convention in...