Babylon 5 Ruminations: S1E06 Mind War

Babylon 5 Ruminations: S1E06 Mind War

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Babylon 5: In Memory of Andreas Katsulas

Babylon 5: In Memory of Andreas Katsulas

I was hired by Joe Straczynski to create official Babylon 5 music videos for him to use at science fiction conventions, and later to promote the show to networks. We produced eight over the run of the series. Now, 10 years after the end of the series and numerous requests from fans, Straczynski has allowed me to post these online.

In February 2006, we lost Andreas Katsulas to lung cancer. Unfortunately, it something many of us knew was coming, but it was still hard to accept and deal with it actually happening. I never hung out with Andreas like I did with Richard Biggs, but he told me once how much he liked and appreciated the work I did on the official B5 music videos – that meant a lot to me. So even though I hate the circumstances under which I came up with this, I did a tribute video for Andreas as well, to honor him and his performances in my own way. I’ve been told the video for Rick touched a lot of people, including his family – I hope this one can do the same for Andreas’ family and fans.

This is the extended version that I did for Andreas’ widow after the original cut was released on the net. She contacted me and asked for a copy to run at his memorial service. However, she was disappointed I had not used her favorite G’Kar quote – so I quickly edited that in as a new introduction. It’s never been seen online until now.

And a repeat of my earlier note to the rest of the B5 cast: I don’t want to do another one of these anytime soon, so take care of yourselves, please!

Babylon 5 Clip Worth a Look!

Babylon 5 Clip Worth a Look!

Spacedock takes a look at Babylon 5’s Victory Class Destroyer.







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