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Privacy Policy

Babylon Play Park Privacy Policy

Last updated: 11 August 2022.

Thank you for engaging with us at Babylon.
In order for us to provide information on, and support the experiences that you will have on a visit to our Park, we need to collect and use personal information.
We have taken care over the way in which we collect and use information to ensure that we are handling in accordance with the legal requirements and that way that you would expect.
This Privacy Policy gives you information about what personal data we collect and how we use it, and includes important information on your legal rights. We have included simple notices around the Park which refer to this Policy.

1. What personal information do we collect

Each time that you engage with Babylon, whether through our website, contact us via social media or by phone or you attend any of our Parks, we may collect some of all of the following information. Information will be collected on each Park Card or Wristband, in an anonymised format, unless it is connected to the App.

  • Contact information – including your name, address, telephone number, email address or social media tags;
  • Identification information – including photos, cctv images, date of when registering a Park Card, App or Wristband to authorise access to areas of the Park;
  • Application information – we do not collect personal data if you request a Park Card or Wristband only, but we may ask for the following information when you apply for the App: email address, Apple or Google ID, telephone number. Where you pay by credit card we may also require you to provide your full name and address in addition to the card details. Information from the App will be connected to Park Cards and Wristbands
  • Interaction data - information about your visit to the Park, the areas within the Park that you visit, activities that you try and where you spend your Where you spend your Game and Virtual coins, how many times you visit, and the time of day. This will be collected for each Park Card or Wristband.;
  • Photo Points – photo points are available in the Park. You have the option to use these services which are provided by third parties. Photos which are routinely taken are held for 12 hours before being deleted automatically unless you request the photo service.
  • Enquiry and complaints – when you contact us for information about the Park, or your visit or where you report any issues or concerns.
  • Marketing preferences – we will ask you to record how you want us to contact you
  • Social media posts – where you tag us to report your visit to the Park
  • Website data – when you connect to the Park App or our website, we will record certain traffic data, location data, information about your computer and its IP address and other communication data using cookies and other website tools.
  • When you use your Park Card, App or Wristband at the Park to engage with attractions, redeem your Babylon Diamonds, or load Babylon credit for use in our shops and restaurants, we will automatically collect data about the card use. Where the Park Card or Wristband is connected to the App, this information will be personal data.

2. When and how do we collect personal information

  • Visitors to the Park: information is collected each time the App, Park Card or Wristband is used in the Park. In addition, information will be captured by onsite CCTV.
  • Visitors to the Website and other Social Media accounts: information is connected each time you visit the Website, or our Social Media sites, and you voluntarily provide information to us. We automatically collect the following analytics information details of which pages you have viewed, time spent on each page, how you move around the website and which activities you engage in
  • Children's information: where a Park Card, App or Wristband is allocated to a child information on the user will be collected. Information is anonymised, until the Park Card or Wristband is associated with an App. No parental consent is required for children to sign up for any products.
  • In an emergency we may collect information from other sources to manage critical health and security incidents.
  • We do not routinely collect special categories of personal data from time to time you may provide information about your health or medical conditions to support your experience within the Park, including information about allergies with food vendors – this information is not stored on our systems. We may need to collect and use special category data to respond to an emergency at the Park.

3. Why do we need your personal information

  • We use personal information to support your visit to the Park and provide the services to you as part of our contract with you and to provide a tailored personalised service
  • This enables us to operate the Park Cards App and Wristband, run a cash-free site and monitor activities and engagement around the Park.
  • We use information to enable you to join in with interactive features on the App, our website and amusements at the Park.
  • We use some personal information to monitor users of the Park for their safety and security
  • We may provide you with important service information about the Park using contact information that you have shared with us
  • With your consent, we use information for marketing purposes to provide you with information about the Park and our services
  • We will use information about the Park Cards and visits to our social media and online sites to ensure information is presented in the best way.
  • We do use information from the Park Cards, Apps and Wristband to profile our visitors. We extract certain information from individual records to create aggregated data sets that do not include individual information to help us spot patterns and trends.
  • The UK data protection laws require us to have a lawful basis to use personal information:
  • It is necessary for us to use personal data to enter into and perform a contract with you to provide services and facilities at the Park;
  • We will use information where it is necessary to enable us to comply with our legal obligations, including health and safety, or comply with the Information Commissioner.
  • From time to time it may be necessary to use information in an emergency, to protect the vital interests of individuals at the Park
  • Your use of the data is necessary to support our legitimate interests in operating the Park and the amusements within it – including monitoring the engagement with the amusements, improving user experiences, monitoring any complaints or performance issues, and managing visitor flows around the Park.
  • We will rely on your consent when we send you information in response to any enquiry or complaint that you raise with us – whether in person, or via social media channels. We also rely on your permission to send marketing information about the Park and its services where you elect to do so

4. Do we share your information with others

  • We may share some information with other companies in the Babylon Group
  • We will share information with a number of businesses who support the operation of the Park including third party systems providers such as Amazon, Google Firebase and Solicits. This information is shared only to provide the services and not for other purposes. We will share information with relevant agencies and companies to enable us to respond to an emergency incidents at or affecting the Park in the interests of safety of visitors and staff.

5. How long do we keep information

  • Personal data is retained whilst you have an active account or Park Card for at least 6 years. We review the data that we hold from time to time and will only keep it whilst it remains necessary to complete the purpose for which it was collected.
  • Where possible, we will anonymise information and remove personal identification, which may enable us to keep visitor information for a longer period, as it will no longer be possible to identify a specific individual.

6. Automated data uses and visitor profiling

  • We use certain information from the Park Cards, App and Wristbands to identify how specific groups of users move around the Park and which types of attractions are most appealing. We do this by using certain information to profile a category of user, and aggregating data from similar profiles into a large data set.

7. Marketing

  • We want to be able to communicate with you to provide you with information and updates on the Park and its services and facilities. We will only send you marketing information where you have requested this. You may update your preferences or unsubscribe from time to time by contacting us via the App

8. Security and information transferred outside the UK

  • We have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed. In addition, we limit access to your personal data to those employees, agents, contractors and other third parties who have a business need to know. They will only process your personal data on our instructions and they are subject to a duty of confidentiality
  • We transfer personal data outside the EEA to the USA for data storage and backup facilities.

9. Important information about your legal rights

  • The data protection law gives you rights that we may have to comply with in addition to this policy. These rights include:
  • Right of access to your own data
  • Right to rectification of incorrect records
  • Right to be forgotten in some circumstances
  • Rights to object to or restrict processing in some circumstances
  • Right to be informed about what data we use and how
  • Right to with draw consent in some circumstances
  • We may have discretion about how to comply with your rights. Please contact us on Contact Us Form if you have any questions or concerns about your data or to ask about these rights.
  • If you are not happy with the way that we manage your personal data, please contact us, or your can contact the Information Commissioner's office – www.ico.org.uk

10. About us

  • Babylon Park is a global amusement park operator. Our ambition is to introduce a unique entertainment centre providing fun and engaging leisure activities for all the family. Our park at Camden Market Hawley Wharf is owned and operated by Babylon Park UK Play & Entertainment Limited (Babylon or "we" or "us").
  • Babylon is the primary data controller for personal data collected in connection with you use of the Park. We may share information with our group companies, or third parties providing services as described in our Privacy Policy.
  • For complaints or enquiries please contact us
  • For additional information on the cookies that we use to support our online services please see our Cookie Policy at [insert hyperlink to cookie notice]
  • We review our privacy notice and data collection from time to time, and may change our policy terms. This policy was updated August 2022.